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Personal Email Address
Personal email addresses can include your Web address — a tremendous asset for businesses to reinforce their brand and present a more professional image. The small cost of having a personal email address can result in big rewards like customer trust.
Webmail for Anytime, Anywhere Access
With Webmail, you can get your messages and manage your email from any device with an Internet connection. And with email features like integrated calendar, tasks and address book, you'll have more tools to stay organized. See it in action.
  Works with Email Clients
In addition to Webmail access, you can manage your email using popular email clients like Microsoft® Outlook/ Outlook Express®, Eudora®, Netscape®, and others.
Reliable Service
With Network Solutions personal email hosting, our experts do all the backend and server support work so that you can enjoy reliable, affordable email without the hassle. Our customer support consultants are available 24/7 to answer all your questions.
Cutting Edge Spam and Virus Protection
Threats to your email security will always be present, but with nsMail, you can say goodbye to junk mail that clogs your inbox and reduce your vulnerability to troublesome viruses. nsMail™ features superior spam and virus protection from Cloudmark Authority®.